Tips For Painting Houses In The Cold

Painting during the winter season appears to be a challenging task. Hence, temperature contributes to being one of the crucial parameters, you need to consider while painting the outer part of your home. A wide assortment of home builders prefers to get the painting of home done before the drop in the temperature. However, the timing does not seem to be right at all times. If you do not have any other alternatives other than painting your home in the cold, you can consider the below-mentioned tips to enjoy the extra warmth:


You should try to focus on the preparation work in the latter part of the afternoon and during the early morning. It is recommended to apply the paint between the periods of 10 am – 2 pm. It allows the surfaces; you want to paint for warming up. You should allow sufficient time to cure before the starting of the dewfall.


It is better to apply a bunch of coats to seek a perfect painting job. Various kinds of paint come in different drying times. However, a drop within the temperature might have an impact on all. At the room temperature of about 24 degrees C, you need a duration of 4 hours to dry before you apply the next coat.

Within the reduction in the temperature of about 10 degrees C, the drying time might enhance to almost 6 hours. Drying time might extend with the drop in the temperature. Hence, it is necessary to take an extended time into account and plan accordingly.

The drying time also depends on a bunch of factors, such as sunlight, humidity, temperature, and different environmental factors. If you think that you require more than a single coat of painting at home, you should make sure to dry the coat before reapplying the same.


The general rule is that you should not paint in the sun and instead, you should follow the shade, present around the house. However, it becomes vice versa during the cold weather. It is advisable to follow the sun around the house while working. You should not work during mid-afternoon or the drop in temperature.


For those smaller painting areas, you can set tarps along with heaters for the creation of warm enclosed space. You can use the hairdryers on the windows and doors for boosting the dry time before you try to close them during the evening. In addition to this, you should opt for the right equipment and tools for painting during the winter.


You need to check out the moisture content of wind speed, substrate, and air temperature for the application of the paint in the house during the winter season. It is effective in selecting the substrate’s temperature, you need to paint.

If you are planning to renovate your home, you should make sure to pay the prerequisite conditions of the weather before taking up the project. However, if you need to paint your home during the winter season, you should take the above-mentioned tips into account.

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