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The TEMP-COAT Advantage
  • Conserves energy saving you money

  • Protects personnel

  • Has thousands of residential, commercial and industrial uses

  • Is a full time, all the time insulation

  • Is extremely flexible, aiding in the prevention of corrosion under

  • insulation and limits migration of corrosion spores

  • Cleans up easily with soap and water

  • Eliminates over 85% of solar heat transfer - highly reflective

  • Adheres to hot and cold surfaces (-80° F(-66.2C) to +350°

  • F(176.7C) Product can insulate surfaces to 500º F following manufacturers instructions.

  • Offers more protection with less maintenance

  • Easy to use and repair

  • Visual inspection, Does not require jacketing

  • Reduces operating costs

  • Impervious to water, salt water and most chemicals

  • Reduces or stops expansion and contraction, which causes
    roof damage

  • Creates a better work environment, increasing productivity

  • Eliminates waste in insulation

  • Provides a constant, uninterrupted thermal barrier regardless of the length or size of the job

  • Will not absorb moisture
    or liquids under normal circumstances


  • Extremely cost effective

  • Can be tinted most light to medium colors

  • Extremely safe - contains no chlorides, no V.O.C.s, no heavy metals, Ph=7-8

  • Prevents Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

  • Will not harbor rodents, insects or airborne pathogens

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Temp-Coat - a Nano-molecular Insulation



The entire purpose of insulation is to keep your home comfortable.  With heating and cooling costs skyrocketing, a breakthrough in the insulation industry is long overdue.   To understand how insulation works, let’s take a close look into a typical wall.  Regular insulation creates dead air spaces to reduce convection heat loss, but it doesn’t do anything about conduction and radiation.  The molecular structure of the insulation and the dead air itself transfers heat directly through to the outside, resulting in massive heat losses.  In summer, the problem is keeping heat out.  Is regular insulation alone really the best we can do?

regular insulation.png               tempcoat insulation.png

A breakthrough nano-molecular insulation called Temp-Coat is solving this problem.  Temp-Coat has a unique physical structure which does not connect from one side to the other, but instead terminates within itself.  Temp-Coat is the most thermally-resistant substance ever created.  Heat reaching its surface is conducted into internal dead ends, dramatically reducing heat transfer.  Using Temp-Coat reduces heating and cooling costs by up to 42% or more.  And the astonishing thing is that it’s not a new kind of filler insulation, but instead a nano-molecular paint which can be applied to any wall or ceiling.  Imagine reducing your heating and cooling costs by 42% simply by painting your walls!



With Temp-Coat protecting your home, your heat loss in winter is dramatically reduced.  Heat is retained in winter and rejected in summer, making your home much more comfortable and less expensive to condition.  Temp-Coat sprayed on the roof of the above home reduced attic heat from 141 degrees down to 102.  It can be applied to water heaters, ducts, pipes, and on the home either internally or externally, and is available in clear, white, or tintable bases.  You can apply it yourself or ask your painting contractor to install Temp-Coat in your home.



house-1.jpg         temp-coat.jpg   temp-coat bucket.jpg

If you've got a big job to do that requires juggling a lot of equations and variables such as heat, cold consideration, space, freeze, thaws, heat tracing, down time, turnarounds and a myriad of other considerations, demand TEMP-COAT®.
We carry a complete line of environmentally safe products designed for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Our product line is long lasting, safe, and geared for safety to protect your property and save you money on energy costs, repairs and renovations.


TEMP-COAT Roofing & Siding can be used on the exterior or interior.
As a thermal reflective coating, a 15 mil thickness has been rated by certified labs equivalent to an
R-20. TEMP-COAT R&S is applied using airless spray equipment. Coverage at 15 mils is 60sq. ft. per gallon. TEMP-COAT 101 can also be used. TEMP-COAT Roofing and Siding is designed specifically for metal, shingle, BUR and other roof surface types for use on exterior roof and wall surfaces. In some cases, a primer is recommended. This product offers a wonderful opportunity to add R value back to a structure that is poorly insulated or a building in which the insulation has failed. This product is applied and the old insulation is left in place.

Transport and vehicle insulation may work sometimes, but rarely works all the time. TEMP-COAT® Liquid Latex Ceramics insulates everything from milk trucks in Alaskan winters to bakery trucks in New Orleans summers. We solve heat problems, load problems, product failure problems, distance hauling problems, fresh fish and produce problems and all kinds of problems.
  • Put a 20 mil thickness of TEMP-COAT® on your motor home or bus and enjoy it twice as much.
  • Put a 40 mil thickness of TEMP-COAT® on your utility body and make ice last
    all day with your deliveries. We fit and stay exactly where you want us to be.
  • Use TEMP-COAT® inside your custom bus or van and create an entirely
    new perspective in personal comfort.
  • We do autos, trucks, buses, industrial equipment, fire engines, ambulances, trailers,
    refers, rail equipment, RVs, and we do it right.



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 Robert Idaho Division  Robert 208-371-7757