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We used Exterior
Epoxy paint
on a lion enclosure in
Fort Worth Texas

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Commercial Epoxy Floor Paint • Concrete Floor Repair Products • Garage Floor Paint • Urethane Coatings • High Build / High Traffic Systems

Automotive paint spray-booths, food processing plants or chemical handling areas, electronics manufacturing and assembly "clean rooms" and other commercial and industrial environments are just a few of the applications for epoxy over concrete flooring.   Epoxy / Urethane coating is an excellent choice for flooring for retail stores, warehouse / storage facilities, and
many other types of businesses

  • Floor and wall coatings
  • Chemical stain resistant floors
  • Non-slip floor coatings
  • Concrete Acid washing
  • Crack Fillers and Sealants




Epoxy Floor Coatings



Sorting Out Epoxy
The final critical decision is what type of epoxy to use. Epoxy floor paints are tough resins that come in two separate parts that you mix together just before you apply them. You can divide them roughly into three types: 100 percent solids,
solvent based and water based.
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The 100 percent solid type is almost pure epoxy; it doesn’t contain solvents that evaporate. These products are expensive and difficult to handle because
 they harden so rapidly.







 Robert Idaho Division  Robert 208-371-7757